Configure Nokia E51/E66 SIP client to work with Siemens Hi-Path OpenOffice

30 October 2008

This example is assuming you are in your office and connecting your Nokia E51/E66 to the network via a wireless LAN, the SIP extension is 1234 and the IP address of the Siemens Hi-Path OpenOffice is so you’ll have to change those, but the rest should be fine. This process should also work for other telephone systems with SIP capabilities.

Go to Tools > Settings > Connection > SIP Settings

If a profile exist, you can edit it, if not create a new one.

Profile Name: Whatever you like, but I would recommend you enter the extension number
Service profile: IETF
Default access point: Set your wi-fi
Public user name: 1234@ (will display as sip:1234@ when saved)
Use compression: No
Registration: Can be either when needed or always on, but if you want to receive calls I’d say always on, but will reduce battery life.
Use security: No

Proxy Server Settings

Proxy server address: (will display as sip: when saved)
Realm: 1234
Username: 1234
Password: enter your password
Allow loose routing: Yes
Transport type: Auto
Port: 5060

Registrar server

Registrar server address: (will display as sip: when saved)
Realm: 1234@
Username: 1234@
Password: enter your password
Transport type: Auto
Port: 5060

Then go to Tools > Settings > Connection > Internet tel.

Create a new profile

Name: 1234
SIP profiles: select the SIP profile you created by using the above

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