Microsoft Teams Tip: How to share your screen when you have an ultrawide screen

If you have an ultrawide screen monitor, and get complaints when you share your screen, this article is for you.

I’ve just got my hands on an ultrawidescreen display, and have found within a day that when sharing your screen via Teams, and I presume it’s the same via Zoom, TeamViewer etc, it’s unreadable for the other people involved. So that led me to find a solution, and I’m sharing it with you too.

How to share a section of your ultrawide screen via MS Teams

To share just a section of your ultrawide monitors screen, is actually very easy, and there are actually a few ways, but I’ll focus on two of the easiest ways:

Option 1 (the easy option) – Share just a window

Now it may be obvious, but not many people to it. To share a window, do as below:

1) Click the ‘Share’ button

2) Select ‘Window’

3) Select the window you want to share

Option 2 (software option) – Install some software

I couldn’t find a non-software solution for this, but then again, I didn’t try to hard either, and when I saw this I was happy to call it a day. Here’s how to do it.

1) Install from ‘Region to Share‘ from the Microsoft Store

2) Open the ‘Region to Share’ app that you just installed

3) You’ll notice a region of your screen will be highlighted with a dashed line, as shown below:

Hold you mouse curser over these lines and drag them to set your boundaries / region

When you’re happy, you can perform steps 4 onwards each time you need to share your screen, but keep in mind it’s not ideal, as each time this app runs, it displays the boarder, so you have to close it and reopen it when you want. I’ve pinned it to my taskbar to make it easier.

4) Run the Region to Share’ app, if it’s not already running

Click the ‘Share’ button

5) Select ‘Window’

6) Instead of selecting window, as you normally would, select the ‘ you want to share’Region to Share’ option at the bottom of the screen.

7) That’s it, you’ll now be sharing your screen, well a region of the screen, as shown below:

If you do something different, I’d love to hear what.

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