Setup Windows Media Services and IIS to use the HTTP protocol on the same server?

25 June 2007

To setup both Windows Media Services to stream content by using HTTP and IIS using HTTP on the same server, follow the below instructions:

1) Ensure you have more than one IP address on your server.

2) Decide which IP addresses will be used for IIS and which will be used for WMS.

3) Open the folder %systemroot%\System32\Windows Media\Server\Admin\MMC.

4) Double click WMSHttpSysCfg.exe.

5) In the Windows Media Services HTTP Sys Configuration dialog box, in IP Address, type the IP address you want to be used for IIS HTTP services and then click Add, then click OK.

6) Open a command prompt and type ‘net stop http /y && iisreset’ (without the quotes).

7) In the Windows Media Services snap-in console tree, click the server for which you want to enable HTTP streaming.

8) In the details pane, click the Properties tab.

9) In Category, click Control protocol.

10) In Plug-in, click WMS HTTP Server Control Protocol, and then click Properties.

11) In IP address, click Allow selected IP addresses to use this protocol, and then click the specific IP addresses you want to use from the list. Do not select the addresses that were added in step 3.

12) Click OK to apply the change.

13) In the details pane, in Plug-in, click WMS HTTP Server Control Protocol. Click Enable to make the HTTP protocol available for streaming content from your server.

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