How to setup OctoPrint / OctoPi to work on wi-fi

Out of the box, OctoPrint / OctoPi works with ethernet, but to run it over wi-fi, you need to make a few simple changes. So let’s get started:

Step 1

Connect your OctoPi Micro SD card to your computer.

Step 2

Find the octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt file, and open it in Notepad++.

Notepad doesn’t take into account the line spacing being different on Linux, and it will break your installation.

Step 3

Find the WPA/WPA2 secured section, and add your wi-fi name and password, as shown in the example below:

## WPA/WPA2 secured
#  ssid="mywifi"
#  psk="mypassword"

Step 4

Check the country selection is good, as per the below, but for the country you are in. Just comment out the wrong ones with a # and remove the hash on your country.

# Uncomment the country your Pi is in to activate Wifi in RaspberryPi 3 B+ and above
# For full list see:
country=GB # United Kingdom
#country=CA # Canada
#country=DE # Germany
#country=FR # France
#country=US # United States

Step 5

Save the changes, eject the memory card, add it to your Pi and start up your device.

You should now be able to view it via http://octopi.local

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