Mac OS X tip: How to change the menu bar colour

22 September 2023 ,

If like me, you like dark mode, you might be looking through the settings on your nice new Mac, and struggling to see how it’s done. I’d love to know why the menu colour doesn’t change with dark mode, but we’ll probably never know. Instead, it’s somehow linked to the wallpaper colour.

It’s actually quite simple, but I have no idea why it is where it is, you’d think it should live in appearance, but no, someone in Apple wanted to do something different.

How to change the Mac OS X menu bar colour

To change the menu bar colour, follow the below simple steps, but not it does change more than just the menu bar, but that was fine for me, so hopefully it will be for you too:

1) Click the Apple logo at the top left of the screen

2) Select ‘System Settings’

3) Select ‘Wallpaper’ from the left menu

4) Scroll down until you see the colours section

5) Select your colour of choice, and I’m going for black

Your menu bar should now look something like this:

If you’d like something a little less moring, why not try one of the dynamic backgrounds, like this new one that appeared in OS X Sonoma (OS X 14).

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