How to upgrade Pi-hole within a Docker container on a Raspberry Pi

If you followed my other guide on how to install Pi-hole in a docker container on a Raspberry Pi, then this guide will help you to upgrade it.

If you didn’t setup Pi-hole using my guide, please take care, as your storage may not be external to the container, and you could lose it!

How to upgrade Pi-hole

1) Logon to your server and open terminal.

2) Navigate to the below directory (used in my installation guide, referenced at the start of this guide):

cd /home/pi/pi-hole

3) Download the latest pi-hole image by running the below command:

docker image pull pihole/pihole:latest

4) When the download is complete, run the below command:

docker-compose up -d

That’s it, when you see ‘done’, navigate to the admin page and you should see a status like the below, but with the current latest version, in the footer.

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