How many people drive a new car before the buyer does?

13 November 2021

If you’re lucky enough to be able to buy a brand new car, you’ll know that it feels good knowing that you’re the first person, and possibly the only person, to drive it. However, if you really think about it, you’re not, although those before you, are for a very specific purpose, and for a very small distance and time.

So, who gets to drive your car before you do? After some thought, I think the below is a good representative of who / why, but this is based on my thoughts based on my recent purchase of a Škoda Enyaq:

1Manufacturer – Driven off the production line
2Manufacturer – Road / build test
3Transporter – Drive onto transport from factory
4Transporter – Drive off transport at port of exist
5Transporter – Drive onto ship
6Transporter – Drive off ship
7Transporter – Drive onto transport to dealer
8Transporter – Drive of transport at dealer
9Dealership – Park at the dealer
10Dealership – PDI at the dealer
11Dealership – Park in showroom for customer collection
12Customer collects car

It’s quite surprising how many people get to drive your new car before you do, but remember it’s all for a purpose and just for a short time.

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