Why does my Škoda Enyaq key flash red?

30 November 2021 ,

Have you noticed that the key for your Škoda Enyaq flashes? In fact, this might not be limited to the Enyaq, it could also extend to other cars built by Audi, Škoda and VW.

The reason for this, is to improve security. The key flashes to let you know that it’s within range of the car. This gives you the opportunity to move the keys further away, or to confirm that you can use the keyless entry. Even if the key is in range of the car and flashing, it will stop, with time (period unconfirmed), if the key remains still. Again, this is for security, as it will stop the keyless theft of your car.

An example of where this will be helpful, is if you park the car on your drive, and leave your keys in the front door after locking it. When the keys have not moved, for an unknown period of time, the keyless functionality of the car will not work, as the key will not be communicating with the car. Although as I type this, I hope you don’t leave you keys in the door, as just a knock on the door might create enough motion to allow the key to communicate with the car, and therefore activate the keyless functionality.

Even with this great security feature, I’m not sure I’d risk it still, as a cat or dog when scared by thieves could knock the key. So I store mine in a secure faraday box, just to be safe.

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